Diane Sara lives and works in Paris. A former cinema student in Michel de Montaigne University (Bordeaux III), shen then decided to keep on studying in Montreal. When she came back in Paris, she started a Master 2 Professionnel Scénario-Réalisation-Production in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

Finally free from studying, she can happily begin to create, film and play music.


Everything in her drawings, songs, videos, documentary essays or installations, shows Diane Sara's taste for introspection. Hence her first autobiographical film, Waiting for my man, that she co-directed in Montréal, in 2007. This video is followed in 2008 by La dernière dent de lait, screened at the Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence. In this film, she transcends a peculiar moment in her life: the end of her virginity.

She's already working on the thematics that she'll keep on exploring afterwards: lonelyness, exile, psychological suffering, the body as an obstacle and the inner voice as the only way to speak.


In 2011, she directs La Femme Enfant, a visual poem in which she reinvents the shaving of Britney Spears' head in front of the paparazzis. La Femme Enfant is a success in French and international festivals: Special Prize at the Festival Nikon 2011, screening at Vidéoformes, at the Instants Vidéos, at the Oslo Screen Festival and at Jonas Mekas' Newfilmmakers Festival in New-York.


Her next film, When I'll get older, is a diary produced by Triptyque Films. Screened as an installation at the Galerie G, Paris, the film shows her fight against psychiatric disorders.

In February 2012, she's invited by the Semaine de l’Art in Pauillac to a collective exhibition. She sets an installation around her video La Femme Enfant. The same video will also be shown at the Galerie G during the collective exhibition De profundis ad stellam.


Diane Sara will show her work in November 2012, at the Art Positions Gallery in Marseilles.

She's also working on a new short film, Le Dernier.